Active Data Loss Prevention

Active DLP detects unauthorized data access attempts, even outside your network.

Peacemakr wraps data with a security layer for data access visibility, even outside your perimeter.

What's broken with vanilla DLP?

Data loss prevention software is installed to identify and prevent business critical data from being lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users.

These software packages scan, alert, and prevent accidental or malicious data sharing.

The problem is that a process-centric approach is brittle and reactionary to security incidents - however, a data-centric security layer is both preventative and failsafe.

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Isn't perimeter detection sufficient?

No. Depending on networking rules and other security layers to ensure all data flows through a DLP choke point is brittle and not failsafe.

Shouldn't loss detection be done on cleartext data?

No. Only tagging and labeling of data to enforece DLP policies must be done on cleartext data. We should protect all sensitive data with encryption immediately and enforce DLP on ciphertext using its labels and tags.

Active DLP detects unauthorized access attempts, everywhere

When unauthorized parties attempt to decrypt protected ciphertexts, the original data owner is alerted of the data exfiltation and unauthorized decryption attempt - even when the unauthorized access attempt is outside the perimeter.

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Peacemakr is a drop-in Active DLP solution, but it may not be obvious how it applies to your specific infrastructure. We'd love an opportunity to work with your engineers on how Peacemakr fits into your tech stack.