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Learn why Peacemakr is the best choice for startups and small businesses in Finance, Healthcare, Defense, and Insurance.

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Win new customers in regulated industries, without runaway costs or risky delays.

GDPR, CCPA, SHIELD, and Personally Identifiable Information
Privacy legislation calls for businesses to use industry-standard best practices to protect personally identifiable information. Peacemakr's E2E-Encryption aligns perfectly with the intentions behind these data security laws. By raising the security bar and lowering the barrier to entry, we set the data protection standard for modern applications.
Healthcare, Pharmaeuticals, and HIPAA
We must protect patient data and industry secrets, but there is no standard for encrypting all of this data. Peacemakr's E2E-Encryption fits the bill by providing a consistent and robust drop-in solution to meet these rigorous standards. Pass any data security audit quickly, and secure new partnerships without increasing your time-to-market.
Insurance and NAIC Data Security Requirements
Insurers, Insurance Producers, Regulated Entities, and State Insurance Regulators all require service providers to have controls in place to protect data. Peacemakr's E2E-Encryption guarantees compliance and facilitates business collaborations that would otherwise be out of reach.
Financial Institutions
The data security requirements to service the top players in this vertical are the most rigorous and challenging. Different institutions have different needs, leaving vendors lost in a complex and dynamic space. Peacemakr has identified all common denominators, built the generic solution, and delivered drop-in solutions for vendors.

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Even though Peacemakr is a powerful and generic solution, it may not be obvious how it applies to your specific data security challenges. We'd love an opportunity to learn more about your particular business needs and work with you on how you might best approach those data security challenges.