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Each episode is a 30 minutes interview, and cover a wide range of topics

Hiring the Best

Struggle with giving and receiving security interviews? You're not alone.

Data Security

When the boss asks you if your data is secure, what exactly are you supposed to say?

Vulnerability Management

What are the pros and cons of the available vulnerability management tools out there today? Why did you chose what you chose?


How do you manage a growing company's user authentiation needs?


If I need policy-based authorization framework, what's the best approach?

Red Teams

Who's the scariest RedTeam member you've ever met? How did you integrate RedTeam feedback into your secure software development lifecycle?


What is FIPS, Common-Criteria, Fed-RAMP, or SOC2 Type 2, and why do these things open new sales opportunities?

Crisis Management

How do you handle incident response? What were the lessons learned? How do you plan on preventing them in the future?

A shame-free space to engage in open and honest discussions about what's going on in Security. Interviews are about 30 minutes in length and explore the dilemmas and opportunities faced by real entrepreneurs, operators, engineers, and leaders. Join us and catch a glimpse into the proven technologies and techniques that solve real problems today.