Peacemakr Modern Encryption Infrastructure

Blazing fast, scalable and reliable encryption backed by crypto agility

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Go ahead, try it out:

# Install peacemakr
brew tap peacemakr-io/peacemakr
brew install peacemakr

# Authenticate to Demo Org

# Encrypt
echo "Hello Secure World" | peacemakr -encrypt

Quickly Simplify Your Data Security

Customize your security strength to meet the highest standard, without having to place your trust in external vendors.
Quick integration
From client registration to key rotation, Peacemakr has the tough problems handled so you can focus on your business.
Open-source community
Join the community that built the data security platform that businesses need to eliminate the impact of data breaches.

Meet Your New

Security Control Panel

Data security can be difficult because it's easy to ship hard-coded algorithms, key lengths, modes of operations, and other configurations. With Peacemakr, all security configurations are centrally managed and controlled behind a single pane of glass.

  • Secure by default
    Start secure, and stay secure. We have you covered.
  • Powerful visibility
    Quickly identify who or what has access to protected data.
  • Zero-Trust
    You should never have to trust your provider for security.
  • Customizable Security Policy
    Your Security Policies govern how often keys automatically rotate.

Ready to protect your data?

Learn the most common data protection opportunities and how Peacemakr works with your infrastructure and products to stop data breaches.

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