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Secure Data, with Turnkey Solutions

Peacemakr’s Secure Data Platform has integrated with several open-source projects to provide turnkey Data Security solutions, including,

Secure Data, with On-Prem, Private-Cloud, SaaS, or Hybrid Root of Trust

Peacemakr Secure Data Platform enables you and your customers to decide the right threat model for yourselves. And when your requirements change, migrate your root of trust - never disrupting your service. With our key lifecycle management,

Secure Data, Correctly the First Time

Peacemakr provides full data secure, to meet even the most rigorous threat models. These include,

Secure Data, Faster

Integrate Peacemakr to goto Market securely, today. Migrate to different threat models tomorrow.

Stop deliberating and start securing your data today without over-committing to a specific threat model. Ship secure software faster, never hard-coding cryptographic decision into clients again.

Secure Data, Everywhere

Peacemakr’s Secure Data Platform abstracts away all the hard problems behind a simple interface, so that you can quickly secure data everywhere.

Secure Data, for Compliance

Peacemakr melts away sales barriers in SMB or Enterprise markets, by helping you acheive strict compliance with regulators.

Secure Collaborations

Securely share data with intended participants seamlessly, even across different organizations. Forget “bring-your-own-keys,” invite your collaborators to bring-your-own-threat-model (and their keys).

Secure Data at Scale

Peacemakr scales with you so that you do not waste time supporting and scaling any secure data infrastructure.

Available Plans

Business Enterprise
  • 12,000 keys delivered
  • Admin Control Panel
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Unlimited Risk Domains
  • Email Support
  • All Business Features
  • Migration from Business to Enterprise
  • Dedicated Key Ownership
  • Dedicated SaaS
  • 24/7 Support
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